Sponsorship Program

Dear Clients, we are pleased to offer you the benefits of our exclusive Sponsorship Program. You receive discount coupons with your orders and when you refer relatives to our boutique and products. It is easy and fast!

Are you satisfied with our products? Then tell your family, relatives, friends, and colleagues by recommending our online boutique, and win discount coupons that you may use with your next purchase.

Increase your exclusive privileges by sponsoring your godchildren. Thanks to you, your godchildren will also benefit from discount coupons to be used with their next order. They will, in their turn, enter our Sponsorship Club and take advantage of all benefits we offer. Take advantage of it now! Go to the “Login” tab from your personal account and click on “Sponsorship” tab. You may then ender the email addresses of your godchildren.


You cannot be sponsored if you are already client of “Biovertu Products”.

A client with the same name, same address and same email address cannot be sponsored by different sponsors.

To be a sponsor, your godchild must provide your email address upon registration.

The sponsor receives the discount coupon only if the first order of his (her) godchild has been accepted, delivered and not returned.

The sponsor can benefit from several discount coupons but they are non-cumulative.

In case of fraudulent, non-compliant transaction, or of an inappropriate use of the Sponsorship Program, Biovertu Products reserves the right to cancel the member’s account as well as all benefits earned through our offers.


Biovertu reserves the right to make modifications to the Sponsorship Program membership terms and conditions, to temporally suspend the Program or cancel it any time.

Members are informed of any change to the Program directly through the website at, and through their email addresses. In no case and for no reason whatsoever they may exercise a recourse of whatsoever nature against the company Biovertu Products.

Any change, modification, suspension, or cancelation of this Program shall not entitle the member to compensation.



For any questions and/or inquiries for additional information, please contact the Customer Service, Monday to Friday, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at +1 (450) 445-0957 or by email anytime by clicking Here.


Last update: September 10th, 2015 at 12:55