Our Mission

Biovertu, Your Beauty is our Mission.

Imagine a world where your beauty and health relieved from exterior aggressions would fully and naturally light up. That world is what we offer. Since 2003 our first company in Quebec “INES Import & Export Inc.” has been a leader on the market of first quality cosmetic and edible oils, where product purity is constantly required. Since then, we have decided to put our experience and know-how to service your beauty and well-being by splitting these two product ranges to set up two separate entities fully specialized in their respective fields. Research and development undertaken since 2007 have led to the establishment in 2010 of two companies - “BIOVERTU Products” and “TAHUSKA Products”, and the development of a complete and innovative range of products based on natural and organic ingredients using the latest advances in biotechnology. Initially developed on the Canadian market, this new range of cosmetic and food products is now sold worldwide. 

Comparative studies of organic and conventional products have demonstrated that organic farming significantly increases the nutritional values of foods. Today, consumers from everywhere show an obvious interest for quality products that affect positively their health while taking care of the environment. In this regard, our company strictly complies with the principles of environmentally sustainable development. Because people’s well-being is at the heart of our concerns, we take into account every element to develop our products. Formulated with 100% natural and organic plant-based extracts, our products are carefully developed by our specialists; they are based on ancestral oriental beauty practices which are a true secret of youth and beauty. We wish to make our clients discover a unique and natural product certified organic by Ecocert – our Argan oil, which is the main ingredient of our cosmetic products. This is a scarce, 100% natural and organic oil without any chemical additives. An exclusive product of Morocco, this oil featuring worldwide known nutritional and medicinal powers, has exceptional properties and an excellent taste. We pay a particular attention to the quality of its production to make sure it is always more performing. Our other vegetable oils meet the same quality requirement. 

All our products are based on ingredients from organic farming. They are guaranteed: 

- Without conservatives, chemical additives or petroleum-based ingredients

- Not tested on animal and contain no animal-derived ingredient;

- Silicone, paraben, and paraffin free;

- Without ingredient commonly known as "Controversial". 

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